Pain. It means different things to different people. Our responses to pain differ and the way we all describe our experiences differ too.

What is the same for all of us however, is the complex way our bodies respond   to injury. Pain itself is transmitted from the site of injury to the brain by electrical signals and in turn complex physiological changes are triggered. At first these changes are useful to the body but if they persist they can become harmful.

Physiokey is a non-invasive treatment, which restores the body's self-healing mechanism. The Physiokey device is a hand held unit about the size of a TV remote control, that emits an electro-magnetic signal, which is almost identical to the human nerve signal. This signal travels along certain types of nerve fibres and meridians, which triggers the release of powerful pain relieving substances into the bloodstream called endorphins. Physiokey also stimulates the production of neuropeptides, which rapidly advances healing.

Imagine a sprained ankle, the pain alerts the nervous system and the body responds immediately so that the injury can begin to heal as soon as possible. After all the body cannot afford for you to limp around for very long! This is an acute injury and the pain is a positive symptom of healing. On the other hand, often pain persists long after a reasonable healing period has elapsed, especially if the damage was severe or extensive. Extended use of pain killers can also affect healing because they take away the signal the brain needs to repair the injury. After a while the brain, nervous system, endocrine and immune system cannot work on the injury any longer but the pain is still there, this is called chronic pain. Physiokey helps our adaptation systems produce mediators, hormones and other chemical substances and redirects the body's energy back to the injury and gives the body what is known as "PRIMARY FOCUS", the body can then begin to repair itself.

The difference between Physiokey and some other therapies, which may require you to have indefinite on going treatment, is that Physiokey takes the body through the healing cycle to completion. This means that once your treatment is finished, it is unlikely that you will need further treatment for the same problem.

When treating with the Physiokey device it is very important to treat frequently and for long enough to ensure that the condition is fully resolved. A typical course of treatment would require you to have three sessions within one week; if further treatments were necessary they would then be weekly. Most acute problems only require 4 to 6 sessions whilst chronic ailments will take longer.



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